• Dr. Sam Turner

Why Equinox Leadership?

Effective leadership starts with balancing the competing priorities and demands that we juggle in our personal and professional lives. The equinox represents just that—the balance that we seek in how we lead, make decisions, and accomplish great work. The equinox, a word derived from Latin, refers to when the earth is in perfect balance. Its axis is neither inclined toward nor away from the sun. Ultimately this balance is at the core of what we want to achieve with our clients through leadership development, assessment, coaching, training and consultation. The fact that this rare event happens only twice a year underscores the complex nature of effective leadership.

The principal consultant and President of Equinox Leadership Development + Consulting, LLC is Dr. Sam Turner. Whether Sam is developing programs or working one-on-one with clients, the overarching goal is to help clients achieve balance, implement worthwhile change, and encourage growth. Sam is a social psychologist specializing in organizational, leadership and talent development, organizational change, team-building, executive coaching, and cultural consulting. His talents are built on ten years of entrepreneurial experience from managing a family owned business, study and extensive travel abroad, and advanced degrees in psychology. Sam has extensive business experience in sales, human resources, accounting, purchasing, and retail. He has a no-nonsense approach to solving complex problems that naturally occur in daily business activities and managing interpersonal relationships. In addition to professional experience, Sam has nearly a decade of experience doing research in emotions, judgment and decision-making, personality, and the psychology of choice.

We take seriously your investment in the development of leaders. Let us help you design a program that suits your individual, team, or organizational needs.